About Us

We are a global network of professionals, enterprises, and organizations.

We exchange critical information and raise awareness.

We incorporate charitable planning into our business. We embrace the concept that winning companies do not only provide strong returns to their shareholders, but also share their successes with communities where we operate and our employees. We are very proud of our efforts.

Our unique approach and obvious passion make an impact everyday – everywhere around the world. We inspire, identify and empower professionals, and consumers. We bring individuals and organizations together to take action. We:

– collaborate with other business leaders
– raise awareness
– deliver workforce training and development programs
– help charities and foundations raise much needed funds
– connect individuals, enterprises, organizations, and communities
– empower individuals with knowledge
– create and manage partner projects
– share news and exchange critical information
– create shared value and opportunities

EcoRunway events bring some of the most talented Fashion Designers and Food and Beverage Artisans together to debut their latest innovations to celebrate the practical use of Eco Innovation in our daily lives.

It is amazing what a group of committed people can do! We are proud of our contributions and we are making a difference!